Who we are

The Banana Growers Association (BGA) is the statutory body representing banana growers in Belize. It is an association of 22 farms that grow and export fresh quality bananas from Belize. The Banana Growers Association is headed by 9 elected Board of Director members. Decision are made legally by a majority vote, with a consensus vote made on a usual basis where applicable. Meetings to address issues that arise are held monthly with an AGM held yearly.

What we do..

  • Exports bananas to the UK , purchased by Fyffes PLC.
  • Ensure marketing and accounts management with buyers exclusively to Fyffes PLC.
  • Recommends quality production standards and gives agronomic advice to farmers.
  • Runs the distribution of small inputs related to post harvesting and packaging matters.
  • Is the legal authority to implement Sigatoka disease control in a scientific and environment friendly way.

The Banana Industry of Belize owes its origins to four banana farms which started operation in the in the 1970s. Belize’s Banana Industry is characterized by a small number of relatively large holdings of plantation farms that are all located in southern Stann Creek and northern Toledo Districts, known as the Banana Belt. 22 farms, over 6,500 acres of banana fields produce and work towards a sustainable and fair trade of Bananas in Belize.