Our bananas

Agriculture plays a important role in Belize’s economy and remains a major driver for the economy’s growth. The banana industry is the third export crop of Belize behind sugar cane and citrus and provides a significant base for employment and income generation in Belize. 

The banana process

What sets us apart!

The Belize banana is ranked first in the UK market by its single buyer (Fyffes) and super-markets concerning quality and savor. Being a small industry with a relatively small number of growers, Belize banana growers have the advantage of being able to respond quickly to the demands of the clients concerning special packaging, standards and quality. 


Quality Matters!

When other countries closer to the Equator are looking for the production of big bananas, the soil and climate conditions of Belize, situated in the Yucatan peninsula get a cooler climate making it difficult to purely focus on productivity and big fruits. As some say, a smaller banana full of nutrients has often more savor than a big one, the size and taste notably sets the Belize banana apart.

Quality is also influenced and determined on other environmental practices and standards. Belize bananas are in line with sustainable practices through various certifications such as the Rain Forest Alliance Certification, and the welfare of the workers. Wages in the Banana Industry of Belize are two to three times higher than wages of banana farms of neighboring countries.

Caring for the environment – accreditations